How to upgrade your office with a few simple interior design tricks


Are you tired of staring at your boring and hohum office? Are you ready for a new look? Look no further as you don’t have to break the bank to upgrade and upscale the look of your office. For interior design support, check out office refurbishment Newcastle. 

Add more light  

When you are in your office, it is imperative that you stay alert and awake to do your work well and be productive. Aside from drinking cup after cup of coffee, why not add a light source to brighten up the room? Having more light in the room keeps you awake and reduces eye strain (when it is dark or dim). You can add a lamp on your desk or move your desk near a window for more natural light. 

Add colour  

Our mood can be influenced by external factors. One of them is colour. When you are surrounded by drab and dull colours, they make you drowsy and relaxed to the point of getting you to stop working. On the opposite side of the spectrum, bright colours have an energizing effect on us. Add a pop of colour by adding items around the room. It can be in the form of a colourful lamp on a shelf or on your desk or an accent rug on the floor, a bright coloured pillow on your chair, or even changing the paint on the wall. 

Add plants 

Everyone is going gaga over plants in 2020. Join the bandwagon and add a few indoor plants to your office space to bring the outdoors indoors. Not only do they add a splash of colour in the room, but plants also improve oxygen levels in the space. You can have a pot of snake plant in one corner of the room (just check how big and tall it can grow; it also has a dwarf species, which you can put on your desk). For more colourful plants, look for rex begonias or african violets.  

Add art pieces 

Nothing screams class than an art piece in a room. A carefully chosen art piece can give that “wow!” factor to any room. It can be a painting on the wall – or casually leaning on a wall, a small sculpture on a desk or near the door, or a signature furniture that looks like an art piece, like chairs, tables, or light fixtures. They need not cost an arm or a leg; you just need an eye for it. You can snag one from yard sales, antique shops, or buy them from an artist-friend. 

Upgrade your chair 

Since you spend at least 7 hours in your office, the best thing you can do for yourself is get a comfortable, ergonomic chair to sit in. It is good for your posture, keeping you in the best physical condition to do your work. Since you are comfortable, you do not need to take as many breaks to stretch your legs and rest your arms and hands – but you still need to take regular breaks, mind.  


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