Tips to Avoid being Scammed in Renting a Car


Scammers are everywhere. They have involved themselves in just about everything and the car rental service is no exception. Whether it is an “honest mistake” or deliberate, some businesses will do anything to get more money from you while not delivering what is promised.

If you have plans travelling true Europa, and visit the beautiful Italy for example, we recommend the car rental Italy company Besides having a trustworthy partner, it’s important to know how not to be scammed. Click here for a relevant article with 10 tips how to avoid being scammed.

Down below our tips to avoid being scammed.


Perhaps the most common “trap” set by scammers to justify getting more money out of you. Your best defense is to check if you are already insured through your credit card or insurance company. This will give you the confidence to refuse to pay additional for insurance costs usually dangled before you.

In addition, it pays to read the contract or agreement very carefully. There might be certain items that are not covered by your insurance. If you do not agree with the terms, there is no shame to walk away.

Check Company Policies

Carefully check the policies of the rental car company — such as when returning a car after hours, for example — as different rental car companies have varying policies. Sometimes different locations of the company’s branches can have different policies as well. Never assume it is the same everywhere. Dishonest companies and agents will take advantage of your ignorance or complacency to try and get more money off you on the account you did not pay attention to their policies.

In relation to that, check for any anomalies in the car rental company – anything that is unusual or something that is not typical. Report this to the management and if they refuse to acknowledge it, it is best to walk away.

Inspect the Vehicle

Never assume the rental vehicle is in pristine condition when you pick it up. Inspect it thoroughly. You may be held liable for even minor damages that existed before you got the car and you might be held liable for it, and the company will think it was damaged while you are using it. It is also best that you document everything by taking photos or recording a video during inspection for evidence in case of a dispute. Make sure to test everything to ensure everything is functioning.

Also make sure the car is clean, especially if it is for non-smokers. This means there should be no trace or smell of cigarettes. You may be charged with a “cleaning fee.”

Stand your Ground

Do not be intimidated. Record every detail you can regarding your experience to either contact the corporate office of the rental car company, the police, a consumer advocate organization — and to a certain extent, the media. You can also dispute the charges with your credit card company, if needed.


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