What are the benefits of dictation software and how to use them properly?

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You can tell Alexa to turn on the lights or ask Siri what year the movie Top Gun was released, but what else can you do with your voice and this speech recognition technology?

The best dictation software lets you compose memos, emails, speeches and other writings using just your voice. Some dictation apps also give you the ability to control your computer or mobile device with spoken words, so you can open apps and navigate the web if you can’t or don’t want to with your fingers.

Why should u use dictation software?

Dictation apps have a variety of uses. They are familiar to accessibility groups because not everyone uses or can use their fingers and hands to the full to type, move a mouse or tap on a touch screen.

Dictation is often faster than typing.
They are also very popular with productivity enthusiasts because once you get comfortable with dictation, it is usually faster than typing. Dictation also allows for multitasking. You can write while you are walking, cooking, or doing something else with your hands.

It is easier to get started
Some people also find that writing with dictation software gives them focus and help them make progress faster. You may be more inclined to get all your thoughts out first and revise them later, rather than revising ideas as you shape them.

It can make automated transcriptions for audio and video
You can also use dictation software to make automated transcriptions. Why should you consider transcribing your audio and video? When you produce some kind of content like videos on youtube or a podcast, transcribing makes it more accessible and searchable. In a world where we produce and consume more and more audio and video content is important to stand out and be accessible to a large audience.

Tips for using dictation software

Dictation apps are impressive, but they are not perfect. You do need to change the way you speak a little to make them work well. Keep these pointers in mind when dictating text.

Speak like a news reader
With a dictation app, you should speak clearly, but you shouldn’t talk like a robot. Speaking like a news reader is about where you need to be.

Be Punctual
When you dictate, you should say every dot, comma, question mark, etc.

Learn a few commands
Take the time to learn a few simple commands, such as “new line” to enter a line break. There are several commands for composing, editing, and controlling your device. Commands can vary from app to app, so learn the commands that apply to the tool you choose.

Know your limits
Especially on mobile devices, some tools have a time limit on how long they can listen, usually about 30 to 45 seconds. Check the screen occasionally to make sure you haven’t crossed the line.

It takes time to adjust to speech recognition software, but it gets easier the more you practice. Some of the more advanced apps invite you to practice by reading passages or doing other short exercises. Don’t shy away from tutorials, help menus, and on-screen cheat sheets.

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