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How cannabis became a healthier product through its oil


Cannabis has been living side-by-side with humans for centuries. Not only is it a strong plant (e.g., hemp) and can it be used to make clothing and cosmetics, it is also used in spiritual engagements. This has happened across the world and religions, making it a favorite topic to study for historians and religious fanatics. People believed that cannabis could make you feel closer to your ancestors. Next to that, it could get in a state of trance which helped in ritual endeavors. In the current day, cannabis does not have a good reputation.

The reputation of cannabis

Since the emergence of cannabis as a drug, it has been fought against by many governments. This has resulted in gang violence, addictions, criminal activities, and money laundering. Not necessarily the things you would associate with a plant used in religious activities. People started using cannabis for recreative purposes, meaning that they are using it to relax and chill. In popular culture, it became known among stoners and hippies, who were getting high and enjoyed their time and connection with nature.

What makes cannabis a bad product

It makes sense to dive into the reason why cannabis is seen as a bad product for your health. The most common way of consuming it is through weed: dried flowers of the plant. These are rolled up, often in combination with tobacco, and then consumed in a joint. 

Smoking is bad

Consumption means smoking, as it needs to enter the lungs to become effective. This is where the first negative points come into play. When you smoke, your lungs get damaged. Not only from the weed but also from by-products such as tar. 

THC is worse

However, the big blocker comes from a component known as THC. This is the component that makes weed the weed. It is psychoactive and influences the behavior of people. When you want to function in society, this substance is what influences it. Therefore you can consider this the number one ‘blocker’ from the legalization of the product.

This is where cannabis oil comes into play

Researchers started looking into this challenge: how to create a product that carries the benefits but gets rid of the downsides? The result is cannabis oil, an oil-type product that can be consumed in food, drinks, or capsules. By using specials ways of extraction (e.g., CO2 or chemicals), they can leverage the healthy components of cannabis while getting rid of THC. Since you do not have to smoke it, you also keep your lungs in a good state.

An important product for lots of users

This product, also known as CBD oil, is easy to buy online from brands like Cibdol. It’s an eye-opener for lots of cannabis users. For example, people who are trying to combat restlessness or use it for chronic pain can switch to the oil product. Hereby they can function in society normally, without being affected by the presence of THC. Dosing the CBD is a matter of experimentation, starting with a low concentration and moving up to match it with your use case.

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